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Come & Go - 50 Cent


Come & Go
Album: Curtis
Skupina/interpret: 50 Cent
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I make a move X2
I make it hot up in here, look around see what we got up in here.

Chorus: x2
Bring em in (kick em out)
Bring em in (kick em out)
Bring em in U aint fiftin we ant speakin
Bring em in (kick em out)
Bring em in (kick em out)
Bring em in its dr dre and 50 cent trey

They said we couldnt do it, look look I did it
I topped in the club im still sippin the bub
The drama im wid it i get benz ya get it?
I b's on that shit I split ya wid it
Thats why a nigga did it, I cant forget it
I said i didint do it, witnesses said i did it
Im fresh out on bail, my benz is all kitted
5 tv's my rims is so acidic(?)
I cruise thru your --- just fallin in love wid it
Baby come in, girl I wanna give it to ya
Once im in, its on im a freak wid it
Money come quit it, hot shit I spit it
G unit kitted, blue new york fitted
Shorty wanna cut, oh yeah im wid it

She come to my hotel room, she know she gonna get it
Its exercise, my homie he be waitin he aint next to ride

Bridge: Who always talkin about........my reputation
I dont love em I dont need em I dont love em I dont need em I dont love em
I dont care what she do with him, its all god wit me

They cant do it how i do it im numba one I knew it
I do I do my thing n gangstas bob to it
They shit(?) out tha hit, dam im on a roll
Im like James Brown now, man I got soul
Naw I aint a pimp but hell yeah I got hoes
I was born to do this when I breathe I make a killin
Ya think im bullshittin? My money touchin the ceilin
Cant buy the condos im buying the buildings
No grown women Im killin dude the chillin
U bettah get me boy ill hurt ya feelings
Its over and over Ima keep on winnin
My rolls royce tinted, ya phantom bented
Thats we neva eva eva see you in the hood wid it
Man everybody know, like everywhere I go
When 50 in club, just go outta control
You can blame it on em, or blame it on dre, ok

Chorus X2