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The Glass Prison - Dream Theater


The Glass Prison
Album: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Skupina/interpret: Dream Theater
Délka: 00:13:55
Pořadí: 1
Zobrazeno: 1186x
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I. ReflectionCunning, Baffling, PowerfulBeen beaten to a pulpVigorous, IrresistableSick and tired and laid lowBlack-out, loss of controlDominating, InvisibleOverwhelming, UnquenchableI'm powerless, have to let goI can't escape itIt leaves me frail and wornCan no longer take itSenses tattered and tornHopeless surrenderObsession's got me beatLosing the will to liveAdmitting complete defeatFatal DescentSpinning aroundI've gone too farTo turn back roundDesperate attemptStop the progressionAt any lengthLift this obsessionCrawling to my glass prisonA place where no one knowsMy secret lonely world beginsSo much safer hereA place where I can goTo forget about my daily sinsLife here in my glass prisonA place I once called homeFall in nocturnal bliss againChasing a long lost friendI no longer can controlJust waiting for this hopelessness to endII. RestorationRun