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Regression - Dream Theater


Album: Scenes From a Memory
Skupina/interpret: Dream Theater
Délka: 00:02:07
Pořadí: 1
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Text skladby

[H:]"Close your eyes and begin to relax. Take a deep breath, and let it outslowly. Concentrate on your breathing. With each breath you become morerelaxed. Imagine a brilliant white light above you, focusing on this light asit flows through your body. Allow yourself to drift off as you fall deeper anddeeper into a more relaxed state of mind. Now as I count backward from ten toone, you will fill more peaceful, and calm. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Youwill enter a safe place where nothing can harm you. Five. Four. Three. Two. Ifat any time you need to came back, all you must do is open your eyes. One."[N:]Safe in the light that surrounds meFree of the fear and the painMy subconscious mindStarts spinning through timeTo rejoin the past once againNothing seems realI`m starting to feelLost in the haze of a dreamAnd as I draw nearThe scene becomes clearLike watching my life on a screenHello Victoria so glad to see youMy friend2. Scene Two: Overture[Instrumental]3. Strange Deja Vu[N:]Subconscious strange sensationUnconscious relaxationWhat a pleasant nightmareAnd I can`t wait to get there againEvery time I close my eyesThere`s another vivid surpriseAnother whole life waitingChapters unfinished, fadingCloser now - Slowly coming into viewI`ve arrived - Blinding sunshine beaming throughThere`s a house I`m drawn intoFamiliar settings, nothing newThere`s a pathway leading thereWith a haunting chill in the airThere`s room at the top of the stairsEvery night I`m drawn up thereThere`s a girl in the mirrorHer face is getting clearerYoung child won`t you tell me why I`m here?In her eyes - I sense a story never toldBehind the disguise - There`s something tearingAt her soul[V:]Tonight I`ve been searching for itA feeling that`s deep inside mTonight I`ve been searching forThe one that nobody knowsTrying to break freeI just can`t help myselfI`m feeling like I`m going out of my headTears my heart into twoI`m not the one the sleeper thought he knew[N:]Back on my feet againEyes open to real worldMetropolis surrounds meThe mirror`s shattered the girlWhy is this other lifeHaunting me everydayI`d break through the other sideIf only I`d find the waySomething`s awfully familiarThe feeling`s so hard to shakeCould I have lived in that other worldIt`s a link that I`m destined to makeI`m still searching but I don`t know what forThe missing key to unlock my mind`s doorToday I am searching for itA feeling that won`t go awayToday I am searching for itThe one that I only knowTrying to break freeI just can`t help myselfI`m feeling like I`m going out of my headTears my soul into twoI`m not the one I thought I always knewI just can`t help myselfI`m feeling like I`m going out of my headUncanny, strange Deja VuBut I don`t mind - I hope to find the truth4. Scene Three: Through My Words[N:]All your eyes have ever seenAll you`ve ever heardIs etched upon my memoryI spoken through my wordsAll that I take with meIs all you`ve left behindWe`re sharing one eternityLiving in two mindsLinked by an endless threadImpossible to break5. Fatal Tragedy[N:]Alone at nightI feel so strangeI need to findAll the answers to my dreamsWhen I sleep at nightI hear the criesWhat does this mean?I shut the door and traveled to another homeI met an older man, he seemed to be aloneI felt that I could trust himHe talked to me that night;"Lad did you know a girl was murdered here?""This fatal tragedy was talked about for years"Victoria`s gone foreverOnly memories remainShe passed awayShe was so youngWithout loveWithout truthThere can be no turning backWithout faithWithout hopeThere can be no peace of mindAs the night went onI started to find my wayI learned about a tragedyA mystery still todayI tried to get more answersBut he said, "You`re on your own"Then he turned away and left meAs I stand there all aloneHe said, "You`ll know the truthAs your future days unfold"Without loveWithout truthThere can be no turning backWithout faithWithout hopeThere can be no peace of mind[H:]"Now it`s time to see how you died. Remember that deathis not the end but only a transition."6. Scene Four: Beyond This Life[Headline:] "Murder, young girl killedDesperate shooting at Echoe`s hillDreadful ending, killer diedEvidently suicide"A witness heard a horrifying soundHe ran to find a woman dead andLying on the groundStanding by her was a manNervous, shaking, gun in handWitness says he tried to helpBut he`d turned the weapon on himselfHis body fell across that poor young girlAfter shooting out in vainThe witness ran to call for assistanceA sad close to a broken love affairOur deeds have traveled farWhat we have been is what we areShe wanted love foreverBut he had another planHe fell into an evil wayShe had to let him downShe said "I can`t love a wayward man"She may have found a reason to forgiveIf he had only tried to changeWas their fatal meeting prearranged?Had a violent struggle taken place?There was every sign that lead thereWitness found a switchblade on the groundWas the victim unaware?They continued to investigateThey found a note in the killer`s pocketIt could have been a suicide letterMaybe he had lost her loveI feel there`s only one thing left to doI'd sooner take my life away than live with losing youOur deeds have traveled farWhat we have been is what we areAll that we learn this time(What we have been is what we are)Is carried beyond this life7. Through Her Eyes[N:]She never really had a chanceOn that fateful moonlight nightSacrificed without a fightA victim of her circumstancesNow that I`ve become awareAnd I`ve exposed this tragedyA sadness grows inside of meIt all seems so unfairI`m learning all about my lifeBy looking through her eyesJust beyond the churchyard gatesWhere the grass is overgrownI saw her writing on her stoneI felt like I would suffocateIn loving memory of our childSo innocent, eyes open wideI felt so empty as I criedLike part of me had diedAnd as her imageWandered through my headI wept just like a babyAs I lay awake in bedAnd I know what it`s likeTo lose someone you loveAnd this felt just the sameShe wasn`t given any choiceDesperation stole her voiceI`ve been given so much more in lifeI`ve got a son, I`ve got a wifeI had to suffer one last timeTo grieve for her and say goodbyeRelive the anguish of my pastTo find out who I was at lastThe door has opened wideI`m turning with the tideLooking through her eyes8. Scene Six: Home[Sleeper:]Shine-lake of fireLines take me higherMy mind drips desireConfined and overtiredLiving this charadeIs getting me nowhereI can`t shake this charadeThe city`s cold blood calls me homeHome it`s what I long forBack home where I belongThe city - it calls to meDecadent scenes from my memorySorrow - eternityMy demons are coming to drown meHelp - I`m falling, I`m crawlingI can`t keep away from its clutchCan`t have it, this habitIt`s calling me back to my home[Miracle:]I remember the first time she came to mePoured her soul out all night and criedI remember I was told there`s a new love that`s bornFor each one that has diedI never thought that ICould carry on with this lifeBut I can`t resist myselfNo matter how hard I tryLiving their other lifeIs getting them nowhereI`ll make her my wifeHer sweet temptations calls me homeHome it`s what I long forMy home where she belongsHer ecstasy - means so much to meEven deceiving my own bloodVictoria watches and thoughtfully smilesShe`s taking me to my homeHelp - he`s my brother, but I love herI can`t keep away from her touchDeception, dishonorIt`s calling me back to my home[N:]Her story - it holds the keyUnlocking dreams from my memorySolving this mysteryIs everything that is a part of meHelp - regression, obsessionI can`t keep away from her touchLeave no doubt, to find outIt`s calling me back to my home9. Scene Seven: The Dance Of Eternity[Instrumental]10. One Last Time[N:]It doesn`t make any senseThis tragic endingIn spite of the evidenceThere`s something still missingHeard some of the rumours toldA taste of one`s wealthDid Victoria wound his soul?Did she bid him farewell?[V:]One last timeWe`ll lay down todayOne last timeUntil we fade awayOne last timeWe`ll lay down todayOne last timeWe slowly fade away[N:]Here I am inside his homeIt holds the many cluesTo my suspicionsAnd as I`m standing here right nowI`m finally shown what I have always knownCoincidence I can`t believeAs my childhood dreams slowly come trueAre these her memoriesAwakened through my eyesThis house has brought back to lifeAn open doorI walk on throughInto his bedroomFeeling as cold as outsideThe walls disappearTo some woman who`s screamingA man pleads forgivenessHis words I cannot hear11. Scene Seven: The Spirit Carries On[N:]Where did we come from?Why are we here?Where do we go when we die?What lies beyondAnd what lay before?Is anything certain in life?They say " Life is too short""The here and the now"And " You`re only given one shot"But could there be moreHave I lived beforeOr could this be all that we`ve got?If I die tomorrowI`d be alrightBecause I believeThat after we`re goneThe spirit carries onI used to be frightened of dyingI used to think death was the endBut that was beforeI`m not scared anymoreI know that my soul will transcendI may never find all the answersI may never understand whyI may never proveWhat I know to be trueBut I know that I still have to tryIf I die tomorrowI`d be alrightBecause I believeThat after we`re goneThe spirit carries on[V:]"Move on, be braveDon`t weep at my graveBecause I`m no longer hereBut please never letYour memories of me disappear"[N:]Safe in the light that surrounds meFree of the fear and the painMy questioning mindHas help me to findThe meaning in my life againVictoria`s realI finally feelAt peace with the girl in my dreamsAnd now that I`m hereIt`s perfectly clearI found out what all of this meansIf I die tomorrowI`d be alrightBecause I believeThat after we`re goneThe spirit carries on12. Scene Eight: Finally Free[Hypnotist:]You are once again surrounded by a brilliant white light.Allow the light to lead you away from your past and into this lifetime.As the light dissipates you will slowly fade back intoconsciousness, remembering all you have learned.When I tell you to open your eyes you will return to the present,Feeling peaceful and refresh.Open your eyes Nicholas.[Miracle:]Friday eveningThe blood still on my handsTo think that she would leave me nowFor that ungrateful manSoul survivorNo witness to the crimeI must act fast to cover upI think that there`s still timeHe`d seem hopeless and lost with this noteThey`ll buy into the words that I wroteThis feelingInside meFinally found my loveI`ve finally broke freeNo longerTorn in twoI`d take my own life before losing you[Victoria:]Feeling good this Friday afternoonI ran into JulianSaid we'd get together soonHe`s always had my heartHe needs to knowI`ll break free of the MiracleIt`s time for him to goThis feelingInside meFinally found my loveI`ve finally broke freeNo longerTorn in twoHe`d kill his brother if he only knewTheir love renewedThey`d rendezvousIn a pathway out of viewThey thought no one knewThen came a shot out of the night"Open your eyes, Victoria"[Sleeper:]One last timeWe'll lay down todayOne last timeUntil we fade awayOne last timeWe'll lay down todayOne last timeWe fade awayAs their bodies lie stillAnd the ending draws nearSpirits rise through the airAll their fears disappearIt all becomes clearA blinding light comes into viewAn old soul exchanged for a newFamiliar voice comes shining through[Nicholas:]This feelingInside meFinally found my lifeI`m finally freeNo longerTorn in twoI learned about my life by living through youThis feelingInside meFinally found my lifeI`ve finally broke freeNo longerTorn in twoLiving my own life by learning from youWe`ll meet again my friendSomeday soon[CNN report:]"... their lead story,all anticipating the outcome of the man considered to be a member of American nobility.And as you can imagine, as the skies have grown darkerhere over Washington,The moon has grown darker as well and people here arebeginning to resign themselves to the possibility that they arewitnessing yet another tragedy in a long string of misfortunes.Reaction from everywhere, from Washington and certainlyfrom around the world has guess..."[Hypnotist:]"Open your eyes, Nicholas'"[Nicholas:]"AAAH!"