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Album: Scenes From a Memory
Skupina/interpret: Dream Theater
Délka: 00:12:53
Pořadí: 8
Zobrazeno: 6007x
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Text skladby

Shine- lake of fire Lines take me higher My mind drips desire Confined and overtired Living this charade Is getting me nowhere I can't shake this charade The city's cold blood calls me home Home It's what I long for Back homewhere I belong The city- it calls to me Decadent scenes from my memory Sorrow- eternity My demons are coming to drown me Help- I'm falling, I'm crawling I can't keep away from its clutch Can't have it, this habit It's calling me back to my home I remember the first time she came to me Poured her soul out all night and cried I remember I was told there's a new love that's born For each one that has died I never thought that I Could carry on with this life But I can't resist myself No matter how hard I try Living their other life Is getting them nowhere I'll make her my wife Her sweet temptation calls me home Home It's what I long for My homewhere she belongs Her ecstasy- means so much to me Even decieving my own blood Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles She's taking me to my home Help- he's my brother, but I love her I can't keep away from her touch Deception, dishonor It's calling me back to my home Her story- it holds the key Unlocking dreams from my memory Solving this mystery Is everything that is a part of me Help- regression, obsession I can't keep away from her touch Leave no doubt, to find out It's calling me back to my home