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Little Lover - AC/DC


Little Lover
Album: High Voltage
Skupina/interpret: AC/DC
Délka: 00:05:40
Pořadí: 7
Zobrazeno: 897x
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???? you in the front row movin' to the beatJust movin' 'n' groovin'Kills me when I saw the wet patch on your seatWas it coca cola?Oh babyI hope you liked the showWhen the band said good nightI had to say helloLittle loverI can't get you off my mindLittle loverI've been tryin' hard to findSomeone like youOh baby you sure look sweatCruisin'A leg either side of my motorcycle seatJust cruisin'Could've been a nightmareCould've been a dreamBut on the way home babeI thought I had to screamLittle loverI can't get you off my mindLittle loverOh I've tried so hard to find`Someone to give me the things I needYou had my picture on your bedroom wallNext to Gary GlitterI was standin' on the stage playin' rock'n'rollI was a guitar (picker)Neither had a recordNeither had a hitOh babeYou didn't mind that a bitLittle loverI can't get you off my mindLittle loverYou know I've tried so hard to findSomeone like you, you, you, baby I know you're a...little lover